A6M2 Zero at NMUSAF

This Nakajima-built A6M2 was placed on display at Dayton in 2004. It was found in Papua New Guinea, near the city of Kavieng on New Ireland, and was probably one of the aircraft delivered to Rabaul and operated at Kavieng by the 6th Kokutai (Squadron) and later by the 253rd Kokutai. It is displayed as a section leader’s aircraft from the carrier Zuiho during the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, March 1943, in which Allied air power won a major victory over Japanese sea power. American and Australian aircraft sank four Japanese destroyers and 15 troop ships, and shot down more than fifty Zeros, preventing Japanese reinforcements from reaching New Guinea. (Information via NMUSAF)


A6M Zero at NMUSAF image

A6M Zero walk around