Air International Volume 11

308 pages hardcover

Contents include:
The Stylish Sabreliner: Rockwell’s Biz-jet Described
The Military Aircraft Marketplace: a Personal View
Australia’s “Wooden Warbirds” : de Havilland Gliders of W.W. II
The Polygenetic Rumanina: Story of the IAR 80 Fighter
The “Turners and Burners”: Soviet Engine Experiments
A Beefier Buffalo: de Havilland Canada’s Buffalo described
The Fine Art of Display Flying: A Pilot Explains
The Quest for Altitude: Story of the Westland Welkin
Duxford’s Living Museum: A Collection Described
Brazil Stresses Air Capability
Tornado Takes Off: The Story of Europe’s Newest Warplane
HAL Fighters…Hope and Hazard: HF-24 Developments
Forty Years Famous: A Spitfire Anniversary
The Fine Art of Display Flying: Further Aspects
Boeing’s Behemoth: The 747 Described
Germany’s Jaguars: RAF Squadrons in Colour
The Last Swallow of Summer: Story of the Kawasaki Ki 100
More Mirages, Fewer Illusions
Israel’s Pride of Lions: the IAI Kfir Described
All Blow and No Puff: The Boeing YC-14 Story
Last of the Wartime Lavochkins: The La-7 Series
The Champion: Yakovlev’s Aerobatic Yak-50
The Sea Searchers: A New Maritime Generation
Petrol Pumps in the Sky: Story of the HP Victor
Monocoupe: A Famous Lightplane Recalled
The Slow and the “Foolproof”: Flying the Storch and Zaunkoenig
Iran’s Multi-Purpose 707s: Colour Pictorial