B-17G Flying Fortress walk arounds

Like most remaining Forts, B-17G  Yankee Lady is not a combat veteran, having been completed (under license by the Vega division of Lockheed) in the summer of 1945 and subsequently transferred to the US Coast Guard, where it served until the late 1950s.  After being disposed of, the old bomber entered civilian life as a mapping aircraft, and then as an aerial tanker (with a side stint as a movie star, being used in the filming of Tora! Tora! Tora!) before being retired in the 1980s and sold to the Yankee Air Force for restoration.  It flies as an aircraft of the 381st Bombardment Group, although the nose art is not styled after that of a representative aircraft.

B-17G Yankee Lady



Flying Fortress nose turret



B-17 References & Resources

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B-17F 42-30793 Tom Paine
B-17G 43-37704 Button Nose
B-17G 42-102700 I’ll Get By

Steve Budd  “Daylight Raider”  The 1/72 Revell B-17G kit.   Airfix Model World January 2014


 “What If” B-17B color profile

  “What If” Boeing Model 322 B-17 evolution/B-29 predecessor


Review:Warbird Tech #7: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


B-17G Shoo Shoo Baby

B-17G Shoo Shoo Baby 42-32076, seen here at the NMUSAF in July 2012, was one the last B-17s with an actual WWII combat record to remain airworthy, having flown two dozen combat missions with the 91st Bomb Group from RAF Bassingbourn. After having losing two engines during a mission in April 1944, Baby was landed in Sweden, where it was impounded and later used as a civilian airliner before passing to Danish military service, and then to the French IGN as F-BGSP, and used for mapping duties until 1961. Derelict for years, it was transferred back to US control in 1972, and subsequently taken apart and flown to Dover AFB aboard a C-5A. After an intensive rebuild between 1978-88, Baby was flown to Dayton in the fall of 1988 to replace the museum’s DB-17P 44-83624.




Roger A. Freeman “Combat Profile: B-17G Flying Fortress in World War 2”
Includes instrument panel drawings, close-up photos of defensive guns, a shot of an RAF Fortress III with H2S radome, a B-17G with the AN/APQ-7 Eagle radar, and nose art photos.
80 pages ISBN 0-7110-1921-5 Softcover


Ernest R. McDowell “Flying Fortress – The Boeing B-17”
The B-17’s wartime career, as organized by unit. There is also good coverage of the prewar aircraft, including several photos showing the crash of the Model 299 prototype. There are numerous color profiles, including the original Nine O Nine, an Israeli B-17G, Free French B-17F, a captured Fort flown by the Japanese, and the B-17E Blue Goose in light blue overall paint.
79 pages ISBN -089747-189-x


B-17G Nine-0-Nine

B-17G Aluminum Overcast

B-17G Fuddy Duddy


B-17G Tail Turrets