Review: “Allied Aircraft of World War II 1939-1945: The World’s Great Weapons” by Chris Chant

ISBN 978-1-78274-207-4

382 pages

Combines the Essential Aircraft Identification Guide: Allied Fighters 1939-1945 and Allied Bombers 1939-1945

Capsule histories of the various campaigns of the European air war, with organizational and aircraft strength charts, and illustrated by many color profiles.

Some highlights:

p.201: color of a Dutch DB-8A-3N

p.195: French Martin 167A.3

p.111: USAAF Mosquito RF992

p.69: Kittyhawk MkIII FR243

p.50: Defiant MkII AA436/No 151 Squadron

p.303: B-24H Carpetbagger Black Zombie

p.315-317: B-26Cs of the 387th BG, B-26G of the 394th BG

p.342: VS-41 SBD-3 in Operation Torch markings.


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