Me 163 Komet photo

Me 163 Komet Bibliography

Peter Lewisham, Lee Scow “Killer Flea” Scale Modeler November 1973 Building the 1/32 Hasegawa Me 163B – includes a large 3-view

“Superdetailing Messerchmitt’s Komet” Detailing the Me 163 kit in 1/32 scale from Hasegawa. FineScale Modeler February 1988
p.28-33. Includes 1/48 scale plans.

Review of the MPM 1/72 Me 163S kit Scale Aviation Modeller May 1995

Review of the Starr Miniatures 1/144 scale Me 163B-1a & Scheuch-Schlepper. Scale Aviation Modeller April 1999

Review of the 1/48 scale Me 163A kit from Flashback Scale Aviation Modeller International October 1999

W. Wayne Patton Aces 2 p.6 Color profiles of Me 163Bs flown by Wolfgang Spate (all red) and Fritz Kelb.

Yefim Gordon, Sergey Komissarov, Dmitry Komissarov German Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia p.216: An impressive array of photos depicting Me 163s (including a trainer) captured by the Soviets at the end of the war, including flight tests towed by a Tu-2.

Monografie Lotnicze: Me 163 Komet includes: DFS 94, DFS 194, Me 163A, Me 163B-1, Me 163D and Me 163D 3-views, structural and cutaway drawings, walkaround, enegine and cockpit photos

Heinz J. Nowarra German Guided Missiles p.13: photo of an Me 163A with R4M air to air rockets underwing.

Photo of a nMe 163 Komet rocket fighter at NMUSAF

Preserved Me 163 at Dayton