Junkers Ju86

A competitor to the He 111, Junkers’ Ju 86 was likewise designed with the idea of the basic airframe serving as both a bomber and commercial airliner. The Ju 86 was intended to be powered by the Jumo 205 diesel, but this was not ready in time, and the early aircraft had SAM 22 radials.

Ju 86ab1/V1: Initial prototype – built as a bomber, but with an airliner type nose. Radial engines with wooden props; the tail surfaces later had to be revised and enlarged.

Ju 86cb/V3: Bomber nose with turret, gun positions on fuselage from the start. First flown with radial engines driving metal props, later reengined with Jumos.

Ju 86B-0: Initial commercial version; six aircraft to Lufthansa and a single example to Swissair.

Ju 86Z-1/Z-2: Swissair aircraft; Z-2 designation applied after reengining with the BMW 132

Ju 86C-1: Jumo 205C-engined aircraft for Lufthansa

Ju 86D-1: Bomber version with Jumo 205Cs

Ju 86E-1: Bomber with BMW 132Fs
Ju 86E-2: BMW 132Ns

Ju 86G-1: Final production version, with a much shorter and recontoured nose. Some forty aircraft were built from incomplete E-2 airframes, but even as these were appearing, the Luftwaffe was shifting the type to training and other secondary roles.

The desperate effort to resupply German forces that were surrounded at Stalingrad led to Ju 86E/Gs that had been to use as trainers being thrown into the fray as transports, but virtually all of these were quickly wiped out.

Ju86K-1: Three Swedish aircraft with Pratt & Whitney Hornet engines
Ju 86K-2: Hungarian-built aircraft with Gnome-Rhone engines
Ju 86K-4: Hungarian aircraft with Pegasus IIIs
Ju 86K-5: Portuguese aircraft with Pegasis XIIs
Ju 86K-9: Chilean aircraft with Gnome-Rhones
Ju 86K-13: SAAB-built aircraft with Bristol Pegasus engines

Ju 86P: Conversion of two Ju 86Ds into prototype high altitude versions with pressurized cabins and Jumos adapted for operation at extreme altitudes. A third aircraft was fitted with a wide-span wing.

Ju 86P-1: Conversion of Ju 86Ds to high altitude bombers
Ju 86P-2: Recon conversions

Ju 86R: Further improved high altitude conversions, with long-span wings and Jumos driving four-blade props; capable of reaching heights greater than 50,000 feet.

Ju 86R-3: Proposed model with Jumo 208s.

Ju 186: Four-engined model; not built.

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