Hawker Hunter research guide

Hawker Hunter Bibliography:

Tony Butler British Secret Projects: Hypersonics, Ramjets, & Missiles p.50: SRAAM test missile being fired from Hunter XG210

Kenneth Munson Pageant of the Air p.124: photo of Hunters WT641, MT613, and WT594 in a dive

“Hawker P.1067: Avon-Powered, Swept-Wing Interceptor” Flight 3 August 1951 p.145 Includes two photos of the prototype, before it officially became the Hunter.

Photo: Overhead in-flight view of the P.1067. Naval Aviation News December 1951 p.20

Photo: Side view of Hunter F.2 WB202 Aviation Week December 22, 1952 p.9

3-views: Hunter FR.10 and Mk.66A trainer Air Pictorial September 1960

“Ground Attack Hunter” RAF Flying Review September 1960 p.56-57 Includes a color 3-view of FGA.9 XG169

Photo (small): Kuwaiti FGA.9 XE550 Air Pictorial August 1968 p.289

Photo: GA.11 WV267 of the FRU Air Pictorial March 1970 p.96

Photo: FGA.9 XJ687 at Wattisham Air Pictorial June 1980 p.221

Photos (2): Hunter T.8M XL580 Air International April 1982 p.191

Photo: Hunter F.4 painted to resemble the Douglas Skyrocket for filming of The Right Stuff. Air International January 1984 p.18

Salvador Mafe Huertas “The Chilean Air Force…an air arm with a problem” Air International February 1984 p.69-74 Includes photos of Chilean Hunters J-727, J-733, and J-735.

Photo: Close-up of a Swiss Hunter’s chaff/flare dispenser Air International December 1989 p.295

Photo: Hunter F.4 XF310 carrying Fireflash AAMs. Photo: Hunter FGA.9 XE601 in “raspberry ripple” scheme with spray tanks. World Air Power Journal Vol 18 p.8

Steve Benstead “Hawker Hunter FGA.9” Scale Aviation Modeller International November 1997

Photo: T.8C WT799 stored without wings attached. FlyPast February 1998 p.7

Bill Clark “Hunter Made For Two” Scale Aviation Modeller April 1998 Building a T.7 using the Invicta conversion kit. This issue also has several pages of walkaround photos of T.8C WV322.

“Cavete! – Hunters” FlyPast May 1998 p.78-79. Photo report of No.66 Squadron Hunter operations.

“Hunter Lost” FlyPast August 1998 p.7 Loss of F.4 XE677/G-HHUN

Robert Rudhall “Hunters Galore” FlyPast October 1998 Includes an in-flight shot of J-4021/G-BWIU

Rod Dean “Hunter Display” FlyPast December 1998 Includes photos of T.7 G-FFOX, G-BWKC, XE603, XF515,F.58 G-BWKX, and WV319.

Review of the Revell AG Hunter F.6 kit Scale Aviation Modeller International October 2005

Walk around photos of FGA.9s at the Imperial War Museum and RAF Museum. Model Airplane International February 2007

Hunter T.7 plans in 1/72; 1/144 scale T.8C, T.8M, and T.66 side view drawings    Scale Aviation Modeller April 2009

Franck Ouden “Swiss Hunter” AIR Modeller Feb/March 2010 building Revell’s 1/32 kit as aircraft J-4057

John Wilkes “Side by Side” Model Airplane International July 2011 p.26-30, 32-33 Converting the 1:32 Revell FGA.9 to aT.7, using the Fisher conversion set. This issue also has a page of T.7color profiles.

“Hawker Hunter Part 2” Model Airplane International July 2012 Several pages of 1/72 scale color profiles depicting FMk.6s, including aircraft from the Black Arrows and Blue Diamond teams.

“Unique Hunter arrives at Sywell” FlyPast October 2012 p.2 F.2 WN904

“Database: Hawker Hunter” Aeroplane July 2001. A major look at the Hunter on the 50th anniversary of the first flight.We get some images of the P.1052 “swept wing Sea Hawk”, the P.1081 version reworked with a single exhaust and swept tail, as well as the P.1067 mockup with a T-tail under construction. There is an F.6A 3-view with fuselage cross sections, color profile of aircraft WB188 with the high-speed nose and canopy, a diagram of the RA.21 Avon, a two-page cutaway of the T. Mk.7 two-seater Hunter, and three-views of the proposed supersonic P.1100, P.1128 transport, and P.1091 “Delta Hunter” concepts.

World Air Power Journal Vol 20 Spring 1995 review