B-52H 60-011

B-52H 60-011 of the 2nd Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB, reported as one of the aircraft that were deployed to Diego Garcia last night to stand by in case needed against Iran. These bombers were apparently refueled first off the US east coast by KC-10 Extender tankers from McGuire AFB using the c/s SPUR, and then again near Spain from KC-10s flying from Rota with REACH callsigns.

Boeing B-52H 60-011

B-52H 60-011



Boneyard Almanac: Then and Now by Del Laughery p.119: B-52H 60-0014 in storage at Davis-Monthan


What if turboprop B-52 color profile




Boeing Model 464-17 “what if” – Not quite a Stratofortress, but no longer a Superfortress








B-52D tail turret


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