Review: “Aviation Classics: British Cold War Stories”

Aviation Classics: British Cold War Stories

Contents include:

Matthew Willis “How to build a Sea Hawk” Numerous photos of subassemblies

Matthew Willis “Very nearly a good aeroplane…” Testing the Rolls-Royce engined #2 Westland Wyvern.

John Stroud “The South Bank Show” BEA helicopter service in the mid-1950s

Keith Hayward “High Anxiety: the Supermarine Swift & Britain’s first post-war procurement crisis”

Tom Cooper “Suez: The Egyptian perspective. Baptism of war” Includes several color profiles and an order of battle.

Keith Hayward “Between the devil & the deep blue sea” The VC.10 for BOAC.

Keith Hayward “Trident: Britain’s fork in the road?” Includes a model photo of the Bristol 200 and an artist’s impression of the DH.121

Jonathan Pote “A close shave at Wellington” No.617 Squadron Vulcan tour

Nick Stroud “Viva Las Vegas!” 1959 World Congress of Flight

Matthew Willis “Here come the Vixettes. When is a Sea Vixen not a Sea Vixen” Sea Venoms rebuilt as subscale, non-flying Sea Vixen look-a-likes for display in London.

Chris Farara “Happiness is…vectored thrust” History of two-seat Harrier demonstrator G-VTOL.

Paul Fiddian “The Stefan KanWOWski factor”

Ben Dunnell “Falklands Confidential” Plans to loan US ships, possible Buccaneer involvement studied.

Ben Dunnell “Flying the Pucara: the Boscombe Down verdict”

Lewis Gaylard “The fall of Damien. The Ditching of Nimrod R.1 XW666”

Kenneth Brookes “Merlin magic Farnborough” color shots of Fulmar N1854 and Mosquito T.3 TW117


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