Curtiss P-40 Modelers’ References

Model of a Curtiss P-40B

Sketch showing an Allison installed on a P-40 Aviation February 1941 p.101

“Warhawks-Everywhere!” Curtiss-Wright ad, with artwork showing a pair of P-40s shooting down a Zero over arctic terrain Aviation February 1943 p.178

Photo: crew changing the engine of a P-40 Aviation December 1943 p.139

Photo: stacks of P-40s awaiting scrapping, with a pair of P-47s in the foreground  Aviation News November 26, 1945 front cover

Photo: P-40E N1232N Air Classics May 1974 p.12

Larry Thomas “Winged Kittyhawk” Scale Modeler September 1982 p.12-13, 28-33. Building a crash diorama using the 1/72 scale P-40N kit.

P-40E cutaway diagram  RAF Yearbook 1983 p.66-67

Photos (2): TP-40N under restoration Air Classics April 1986 p.48

“Warbird Profile: P-40N-5-CU Warhawk N85104 of the Air Museum.”  Aeroplane Monthly January 1987 p.38-39

Warbirds International July/August 1989 Numerous period photos of postwar P-40s in a variety of conditions and configurations, including a race-modified P-40N and the XP-40Q as NX300B.

Photo: P-40M 43-5802 F-AZPJ FlyPast March 1998 p.11

“Tomahawk’s Temporary Scheme” P-40B restoration – one photo. FlyPast December 1998 p.9

Ian K. Baker “RNZAF Kittyhawks – Colour Schemes & Markings, Pt.2” Model Aircraft Monthly February 2002

Jan Pribyl “Pilot’s Perspective: Curtiss P-40B/C Tomahawk” Scale Aviation Modeller January 2005 p.44 cockpit artwork and landing gear sketches

“P-40 on sale after nearly seven decades”  Aeroplane Winter 2013 Kittyhawk AK803

Scale Models

Photo: Kittyhawk IV FX561 Air Pictorial November 1978 p.445

Stan Whitney “Aussie Kittyhawk” Scale Modeler June 1981 p.28-33 Building an RAAF Kittyhawk Mk.1A of No.2 OTU, using the 1/48 scale Otaki kit.

Kenneth Brill “Aleutian Tiger” Scale Modeler March 1983. Building the Otaki 1/48 scale P-40E as an aircraft of the 11th Fighter Squadron, commanded by Col. John Chennault.

“Kermit’s Curtiss” FlyPast March 1998 p.14. TP-40N 44-47923/N923

“Workbench Review: AMTech resurrects ERTL’s P-40E”. FineScale Modeler September 2002 p.68-69

Review: 1/48 scale P-40N/M Scale Aviation Modeller International April 2004

Dai Williams “Quick Build: Curtiss P-40F/l” Scale Aviation Modeller May 2004 building the 1/48 AMT/ERTL kit – includes prototype cockpit photos

“Workbench Review: 1/48 scale Trumpeter P-40B Tomahawk IIA”. FineScale Modeler March 2005 p.64.

Workbench Review: P-40E Warhawk in 1/48 scale by Hasegawa. FineScale Modeler July 2005 p.64

Preview of the Italeri P-40M/N Kittyhawk Mk.IV Skymodel 14/07 p.64

Jay Laverty “A Fine Vintage” Model Airplane International April 2006 building the Vintage Fighter Series 1/24 scale P-40 as an AVG aircraft – includes two pages of color profiles

Vladimir Kutelnikov “Soviet P-40s” Model Aircraft Monthly May 2005 includes several pages of color profiles, and this issue also has an article on converting the Revell/Monogram P-40E into an aircraft fitted with an M-105 engine

Stefano Foresti “Tomahawk Mk.IIB (Curtiss P-40B)” Skymodel 20/09 p.36-41 This issue also has 1/48 scale P-40B/C plans, with cross sections, armament, and drop tank detail.

Dave Garwood “Painting and marking a fiberglass model” Finishing the Marty Hill P-40 kit as a Soviet aircraft. Model Aviation October 2010 p.110-112

Preview: Hawk 81-A-2 in 1/72 from Airfix Model Airplane International January 2012

Frank Cuden “First in the Blue” FineScale Modeler March 2015 p.20-23 building the Hasegawa 1/48 P-40K as a North Africa-based aircraft

Chad Summers “Last of the Line” Model Aircraft November 2016 The Planet Models resin XP-40Q-2 kit in 1/48 scale.

Curtiss YP-37 model

Dai Williams “Quick Build: Curtiss P-40F/L” The Amtech 1/48 kit.     Scale Aviation Modeller International May 2004 

Review: “American Aircraft Development of the Second World War: Research Experimentation and Modification 1939-1945”