B-24D Liberator Strawberry Bitch photo

The first really mass produced version of the Liberator, the B-24D had improved R-1830-43 engines, and on early examples, a remotely controlled Bendix belly turret. This proved unsuccessful, and was replaced first by a tunnel gun position and later by a retractable Sperry ball turret.

B-24D Strawberry Bitch

B-24D 42-72843 Strawberry Bitch, seen here displayed in the NMUSAF’s WWII Gallery, is a combat veteran of the fighting in North Africa, serving with the 512th Bomb Squadron. Preserved postwar, it was flown to Dayton in the spring of 1959 for display.


Chuck Lipkin “Desert Pink: Reproducing realistic weathered camo on a veteran B-24D LIberator” FineScale Modeler May 2020 The 1/72 Hasegawa B-24D kit

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