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The F-4C was the first USAF Phantom model, purchased after the F4H-1 had been evaluated against the F-106 under Project Highspeed. Despite the Phantom’s naval origins, the Air Force picked the type as the service’s next fighter, as the F4H demonstrated better performance and maintainability than the “Six”. Additionally, although the Phantom had been fielded by the USN (initially) as an interceptor, it had considerable potential capability as a strike aircraft, something the F-106 lacked.

F-4C MiG-Killer at NMUSAF

F-4C Phantom II

While the initial order for USAF aircraft (at first known as the F-110A Spectre) was being started, the Navy loaned the Air Force some thirty F-4Bs for familiarization and training, with the first F-4C flying in May 1963. The 12th TFW took the Phantom to war in 1965, with the type’s first kills, of a pair of North Vietnamese MiG-17s, taking place on 10 July of that year.

The USAF would lose seven F-4Cs in air to air combat during the Vietnam conflict, with five being downed by MiG-17s, another to a MiG-21, and the last to Chinese aircraft. A further eleven were destroyed by SA-2 Guideline SAMs.

No new-build F-4Cs were exported, but forty ex-USAF aircraft were supplied to Spain in the early 1970s to replace F-86s, these receiving the local designation C.12

Some 35 F-4Cs were reworked as “EF-4C” Wild Weasel defense suppression aircraft – development began not long after SAMs were first deployed to North Vietnam, but fitting the Weasel avionics in the Phantom airframe proved to be difficult, and the resulting aircraft were only interim types, with the definitive Weasel Phantom, the F-4G, not appearing until long after Vietnam.


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