Review: Consolidated B-24 Liberator: Production Line to Frontline

Consolidated B-24 Liberator: Production Line to Frontline

by Michael O’Leary; softcover, 144 pages


Building a Bomber – views of production line, some good shots of subassemblies

PBY-1 with KU3N-1 anti-ship missile

EZB-24M ice research aircraft – last active USAF Liberator

Haulers – LB-30A; C-87A and RY-1; BOAC LIbs; RB-24A 40-2377 converted to a transport; Scottish Airways G-AHZR

Color section – vintage B-24 ads

British Liberators, with a table of U-boat kills

Two shots of Carpetbagger aircraft, including B-24H 42-51211

Some good nose art shots

Scrapping postwar,  including RB-24L 44-49630 B-29 gunnery trainer; XB-24N without engines at Wright-Pat

Four pages of scale side-views


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What-if B-24 profiles based on an early Consolidated design for the Liberator


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