Air Classics Index

January 1981
Richard Schweinfurth “African Combat Diary Part Two” B-17
Gordon Riley “California Gipsy”
S. Samuel Bogohosian “Gathering of Warbirds”
John Tegler “Hard-Charging at Reno”
“Warbird Report” Planes of Fame Bf 109K, B-26 N3710G, North American Savage hulk
Dan Whitney “Photography at NASM”
Michael O’Leary “Aviation Scrapbook” Includes Republic of China B-25, Blackburn Firebrand.


February 1981
Truman C. Weaver “The Regional Racers, Part Two”
Robert Hucker “Boeing’s Death Angel”
“Warbird Report” Army-marked F-86s, fire practice damaged B-50
John Cook “Swiss Orion”
Edward C. Kampe “Focke-Wulf Challenge” Fw 189
Bruce Treadway, Gerald Liang “Hughes Flying Boat”
Joan Alyea  “John J. Montijo”
Jay H. Ginsburg  “Greek Aviation Museum”
Peter R. March  “Boxkite to Concorde: Seventy years of Bristol Aircraft”


April 1981
Christopher Shores “The Churchill Wing: A Radical Reassessment”
Michael O’Leary “Aviation Scrapbook” photos include B-17F Short Stuff interned in Sweden, Gloster F.5/34 prototype, Northrop 8A-3N, Seversky AT-12 as a postwar Bendix racer.
Christopher Shores, Paul Sortehaug “Royal New Zealand Air Force Kittyhawk Wing”
Michael O’Leary “Dan-Air’s Preserved Airliners”
William T. Morgan “Antarctic Aviation”
Sean Greenway  “Westland Aircraft Pictorial”


May 1981
Robert Trimble “Big-Assed Bird Part One” SB2C
“Nifty Fifties Air Force”  KC-97 refueling a B-50, color photo of an F-100 ZELL, YC-97J with turboprops.
Julie Opell Klym “The Flying Monument” AD-4 Skyraider restoration
Budd Davisson “Friendly Enemies” F6F-5 and A6M
Fred Smith “One to Remember: Flying the Gregor FDB-1”
“Warbird Report” A-4 of Flight Systems, B-17G N207EV in Evergreen colors
Leroy Thompson “Dragon of the Vietnamese Skies” AC-47 gunship
Charles Mendenhall “Anatomy of the Marauder”


June 1981
Robert L. Trimble “Big-Assed Bird” SB2C in combat
Sewan Greenway “Donald Douglas & The Gooney Bird”
“Return of the B-50” WB-50D flown to Castle AFB
“Warbird Report” B-17G N3509G, L.1649 Constellation, KC-97
Leroy Thompson “Billy Mitchell’s Secret Parachute Corps”
Julie Opell Klym “Carrier Pilot Part One”
Robert L. Guthrie “Harvard Rescue Mission”


July 1981
Robert L. Trimble “Big-Assed Bird Part Three”
Frank Chapman “Ugly Duckling” Curtiss Falcon engine testbed
Budd Davisson “Warbirds over Florida”
Averill Kaufman “New Beginning” Bradley Air Museum recovery post  tornado
Kay S. Springer “Skyraider Incident”
John May “American Aircraft in Wartime Britain” Liberator IIIA, Tomahawk IIA, Stinson AT-19/Reliant I, Vought Kingfisher FN656


August 1981
Leroy Thompson “Stop the Buzz Bombs!”
Michael O’Leary “Nifty Fifties Air Force” 2nd YF-86D, F-86F with rocket pods, numerous other F-86 photos
R.W. Koch “Amelia & the Mystery of N16020”
“Warbird Report” T-34B N34Y, AT-11, TF-102
Louis Langhurst “Stuka Ace” Hans-Ulrich Rudel
“Anniversary of a Classic”  T-38
Robert L. Trimble “Hitler’s First Bomber” Ju 86


September 1981
“Desert Warrior” B-25
Robert Trimble “America’s Mystery Bomber” XB-28
Michael O’Leary “Nifty Fifties Air Force” C-124C, AT-11, C-45, B-50s.
Adrian M. Balch “Seven Thousand Mile Air Force” Philippine AF
R.W. Koch “The Flight 28 Incident”
“Warbird Report” Planes of Fame SB2C-3
Julie Opell Klym “CPT Flight Instructor”
S. Samuel Boghosian Aircraft recovery to Castle AFB museum


November 1981
Ron Edwards “Martin Mars Flying Boat”
Robert Trimble “Duet of Death” Don Gentile, John Godfrey
Michael O’Leary “Return of Shangri-La”
Robert Hucker  “Cockney Ace” Frank Carey
“Warbird Report” P-47G, C-119 air tanker loss, SNB-5, Douglas Skyrocket
Michael O’Leary “Razorback Scrapbook” P-51B/C Mustangs


December 1981
Robert L. Trimble  “Old Man of the Sea” P2V
Robert K. Piper  “Only Six Walked Back”  C-47 crew lost in New Guinea.
Selena Wannepain  “Mystery Mustang”
Terry Shay  “Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby Update”
D.F. Brown  “Question of Survival”  P-38 at McGuire AFB.
Charles Barton  “Facing Death with Howard Hughes”
“Warbird Report”  P-40N, A-37, A-36 N251A
Michael O’Leary  “Nifty Fifties Air Force”  A-26Cs, B-57s, C-47s
Sean Greenway  “High-Lift Lysander”


January 1982
Geoff Goodall   “Australia’s Atomic Mustangs”
Robert L. Trimble  “Old Man of the Sea Part Two”   P2V Neptune Includes a color photo of SP-2E BuNo 126347
Budd Davisson “Oshkosh Warbirds”
“The Mission Inn” B-29 to March AFB
Leroy Thompson “USMC WWII Barrage Balloons”


March 1982
Robert L. Trimble  “Old Man of the Sea Part Four” Includes a color photo of an RAAF Neptune.
Mark Patiky   “English Eccentricities”
John Tegler  “Year of the Rookie” Unlimited at Reno
“Warbird Report” ex RCAF C-119, TWA DC-2


May 1982
Max Baker “Museum Mitchell”
Robert L. Trimble “Skua + Roc”
Scott Thompson “44-83525 The Story of a Flying Fortress”
Michael O’Leary “Sabre”
Robert L. Trimble “Nifty Fifties Navair” P2B with Douglas Skyrocket, PB-1W, F11F-1, R7V-2 Constellation with turboprops.


June 1982
S. Samuel Boghosian “Remember the Time…” P-38 pilots
Robert L. Trimble “Hell from the Heavens” Doolittle Raid
Gerald Liang “Home for the Hercules” Hughes “Spruce Goose”
“Snooks 2nd” P-39Q
“Warbird Report” Ex-Indonesian Mustangs, Short Sandringham
Michael O’Leary “Nifty Fifties Air Force” RF-84F, YH-21, postwar B-25s


July 1982
Geo John Geiger “The Day the Maxim Gorki Died”
Jeff Ethell “Resurrecting History” Hap Arnold’s B-25
Robert Trimble “Nifty Fifties Navair”    XA2D-1 Skyshark, FJ-3 Fury, Convair Tradewind.
Robert L. Trimble “Hard Luck Bombers from Bough” Blackburn Firebrand
Buck Rigg “Anniversary of the Eighth”


August 1982
Charles Barton “Howard Hughes and the 10,000 ft. Split-S” XF-11 testing
George A. Reynolds “Cloistered Cockpit” wartime B-24 recovery
Michael O’Leary “Tico!” Valiant Air Command show
Robert Trimble “Nifty Fifties Navair” F5D-1, AD-4NL, F9F-8P
Robert L. Trimble “Bristol’s Multi-Mission Bomber” Bristol Brigand


September 1982
Robert L. Trimble “Mauler”
“Down Under Neptune” P2V restoration in Australia
Michael O’Leary “Restored Turkey” Grumman Avenger restoration
Scott Thompson “The March Field Museum”
Garry Brounstein “In Pursuit of a Dream Bill Hudson and the Curtiss P-1C”
Ray Williams “Meteor Gets a Face-Lift”


October 1982
Robert L. Trimble “Barracuda!”
Warbird Report P-51 NL151X, Culver PQ-14, two-page color spread of a T-28
Kenneth Brill “Luck of the Irish” David McCampbell
Mike Drake “Flight from Mindanao”


November 1982

Larry Kitchell “Six Hours to Ching-King” C-109 tanker over the Hump.
Robert L. Trimble “Bird of Prey” Grumman Guardian
Gene Smith “O-Bird Resurrection” O-47 recovery
“Warbird Report” O-52 Owl, FM-2 Wildcat
Michael O’Leary “Turbo Express” DC-3 turboprop conversion.
Budd Davisson “Niagara Warbirds” Includes a two-page color spread of B-17 Texas Raiders
Robert L. Trimble “Nifty Fifities Navair” F9F-8P, F2H-2P Banshee, TBM-3W2


December 1982

“Intrepid Museum”
Robert Hucker “Five in One Fight” P-38s in action over Guadalcanal.
Michael O’Leary “Super Corsair” Rebuilding an F4U-1 as an R-4360 powered racer.
Robert L. Trimble “Bell’s Iron Dog” P-39 Airacobra
Jeff Ethell “A WWII Outfit The Fuerza Aerea Dominica” Includes a pair of two page color spreads of FAD Mustangs.
Michael O’Leary “Nifty Fifties Air Force” Postwar Douglas Invaders, Colorado ANG F-80 and F-86D.


March 1984
William Stephen Miller “Wingman: The Story of Major John Godfrey”
E.F. Furler, Jr. “Beneath the Midnight Sun” delivery of P-39s and P-63s to the Soviets via Alaska
Charles O’Mahoney  “Marauder Pilot, conclusion”
John Dalling  “Spitfire Magic” Restored Spitfire VIII in flight with Jaguars.
“Warbird Report” A-26, large photo of an ex Blue Impulse F-86F, 2-page spread of a de Havilland Vampire.
Michael O’Leary “ANG Birds” Photos include and Arkansas RB-57A, Virginia & Massachusetts Guard P-47Ns, camouflaged RF-101 from Kentucky
John Tegler  “Assault on a Record”
Robert Hegge  “The Wagner Twins”
Rolan Wolfe  “Night Bombers”


August 1984
Tom Ivie  “Star of the Seventh” Major Ronald W. Moore
Michael O’Leary  “Samurai on display” Several photos of the Planes of Fame A6M.
Denis Calvert  “a day at La Ferite-Alais”
E.L. Woody Dewig  “The Mustang Ranch”
“Warbird Report” T-38 being restored, color shot of a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, Val at Cal Aero Field.
Emil Strasser “Golden Age Aircraft” – photos include XB-15, Gamma 2D, Consolidated PB-2A.
Pete Gilchrist “Brit Daks Part One” Includes aircraft of Channel Airways, Starways, and Jersey Airlines.


January 1985
“VS-300 Returns Home”
Roy Braybook  “Aermacchi”
Michael O’Leary  “A Fistful of Mitchells” Gathering of Warbirds Includes a large color photo of BT-13s, two-page spreads of P-51s, B-25s, and a Sea Fury.
“Warbird Report” Large color shots of an Argus and camouflaged CWH Dakota C-GDAK
E.F. Furler, Jr.  “Bell’s War Years”