T-33 Shooting Star

Oddly enough, there was not an immediate move by the USAAF/USAF to procure trainer versions of its early jet fighters, a lack of foresight that would result in a high loss rate during the early postwar years. However, even with no official requirement, Lockheed embarked on a private venture trainer program, using as a basis the P-80C version of the Shooting Star. First flown in March 1948, the TP-80C had a slightly stretched fuselage to accommodate a second seat, and would soon be coming off the Lockheed lines in numbers that would end up being greater than those of its single-seat counterpart.

Redesignated first as the TF-80C and then as the T-33, the two-seat Shooting Star would be phased out of its original role in the 1960s as T-37s and T-38s became available, but would persist in service as a utility aircraft for much longer, in particular serving as a hack and aggressor aircraft for interceptor units into the late 1980s.

Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star at Dayton - underside view

T-33 displayed suspended above the NMUSAF’s Cold War Gallery

T-33 at NMUSAF, Dayton

Finally retired in 1997 as the USAF’s last active Shooting Star, the NT-33 was used since the late 1950s as an in-flight simulator, being capable of mimicking the handling of a wide variety of aircraft types, including such later Lockheed types as the F-117 and F-22.

Lockheed NT-33 walk around - frontal view

NT-33 Shooting Star intake detail image

NT-33 Shooting Star

F-94 style nose for housing mission electronics

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