B-45 Tornado walk around

North American’s NA-130 was among the jet bomber designs submitted to the USAAF in 1944, as Allied crews began to encounter German jets over Europe – clearly, the day of the propeller driven bomber was nearing its end. Designated as the XB-45, the first of three prototypes flew in February 1947, and even with postwar cutbacks, 96 production B-45As were bought. There were numerous problems, and the Tornado lacked the B-47’s performance, but the heightening of the Cold War and the advent of smaller nuclear weapons helped save the B-45. Under Project BACKBREAKER, B-45s were refitted with extra fuel and the capability to carry nuclear stores.

Although predated by the Douglas XB-43 Jetmaster, and overshadowed by the B-47 Stratojet, North American’s B-45 was the first US jet bomber to enter operational service, and provided the newly independent USAF with a a high flying reconnaissance aircraft and tactical strike aircraft for around a decade.

B-45 on display at the NMUSAF

B-45 engines

General Electric J47 engines


“What If” North American Light Bomber B-45 outgrowth

B-45 Further Reading

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Color artwork depicting an RB-45 in flight   Flying  May 1952  front cover

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