X-15A-2 walk around at NMUSAF

Now displayed at the NMUSAF’s Research & Development gallery, the X-15A-2, 56-6671, was created from the second X-15 after a landing accident in 1962. The fuselage was stretched and provision was made for carriage of external tanks. Thus configured, and on the 188th flight of the program USAF pilot Pete Knight took the X-15A-2, covered in an ablative coating and fitted with a dummy scramjet, out to a speed of Mach 6.7. This was the highest speed an X-15 flight would reach, but the airframe received thermal damage despite the ablator, and was retired for display at Dayton.

X-15A-2 photo

North American X-15A-2 on display at the NMUSAF’s new fourth building.

X-15A-2 detail photo

X-15A-2 external tanks

X-15 cockpit photo

X-15 walk around picture

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