X-36 at NMUSAF

The McDonnell X-36 was a short-lived but interesting program that evaluated a subscale, remotely piloted tailless fighter design. Powered by a Williams F112 turbofan, the X-36 had a thrust-vectoring exhaust for flight at high angles of attack. Following 31 flights under the auspices of NASA, the Air Force Research Laboratory flew two X-36 missions to test the ability of flight control software to deal with the in-flight loss of control surfaces.

X-36 at NMUSAF photo

The first X-36, see here next to a Northrop YF-23 at the NMUSAF R&D Gallery, was delivered to Dayton in 2003. The second demonstrator is displayed at the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum.

“Loyal Wingman” UCAV for the RAAF