US Navy F-4 Phantom IIs – References for Scale Modelers

F-4S Phantom II forward fuselage

F-4S of VMFA-321. This unit was the first Marine Corps Reserve squadron to convert to the Phantom II, and flew the type until 1991, when it converted to the FA-18.


Robert D. Archer Edwards Air Force Base: Open House at the USAF Flight Test Center 1957-1966 p.59-60: photos of F4H-1 BuNo 142259

“F4H-1 Stresses Range in Navy Order bid” Aviation Week June 9, 1958 p.43-44

F4H-1 three-view, showing the original small radome configuration. Flight 3 October 1958 p.547

CECO Systems Controls ad, with color artwork depicting a trio of Sparrow III-armed F4Hs. Aviation Week March 30, 1959 p.35

“Transcontinental Phantoms” Navy F4H-1s win the Bendix Trophy. Two photos, including one of a Phantom refueling from a Skywarrior tanker. Also includes a minute by minute log of the flight. Flight October 1961.

“Anatomy of the Phantom” Flight 4 March 1965, p.330-331 Two-page cutaway plan of a Navy F-4.

Photos (2): F4H-1 prototype at Lambert Field prior to first flight Naval Aviation News July 1958 p.32

“Pt. Mugu gets Phantom II” Naval Aviation News May 1960 p.2 Details the delivery of the fifth Phantom to the Naval Missile Center for Sparrow III missile testing.

“Phantom II on carrier trials” Naval Aviation News May 1960 p.19-21 5 photos. Details Naval Air Test Center Phantom trials aboard the USS Independence.

“To Fabricate a Phantom” In depth photo coverage of an F4H under construction at the McDonnell line at St. Louis. Naval Aviation News March 1961.

Photo: First Phantom landing aboard USS Ranger. Naval Aviation News May 1961 p.2

“VX-5 Receives Phantom – Will Test Its Delivery Capability” Naval Aviation News May 1961 p.2

“Cherry Point to get F4H” Naval Aviation News June 1962 p.2

“Phantom II Performs in Cuban Missions” Naval Aviation News February 1963 1 photo VF-41 Black Aces deployment to NAS Key West during Cuban Missile Crisis

“Phantom II Stars at Paris Air Show” Naval Aviation News August 1963 p.11

“VF-14 gets Phantoms – Trained with VF-101 at Key West” Naval Aviation News October 1963 p.18

Photo: VF-41 F-4B prepares to launch from USS Independence Naval Aviation News December 1964 p.32

Photo: F-4B during SATS catapult testing Aviation Week & Space Technology August 22, 1966 p.67

“From basket case to trainer” Covers the rebuilding at NAS North Island of a combat-damaged Navy F-4 to a weapons-loading trainer for the USAF. Naval Aviation News September 1966 p.37

Photo: F-4B of VF-154 launching from Coral Sea Aviation Week & Space Technology February 27, 1967 front cover

“First F-4J is delivered – VF-41 welcomes new Phantom” Naval Aviation News May 1967 p.2

“1,000 hours in the F-4J – logged by VF-101’s Oceana Det.” Naval Aviation News July 1967

Photo: VF-124 F-4 launches from USS Constellation Naval Aviation News October 1967 p.32

Photo: Frontal shot of an F-4J with radome opened to show an experimental phased array radar Aviation Week & Space Technology November 10, 1969 front cover

“Navy Duos are first Vietnam War Aces” Naval Aviation News July 1972 p.3 2 photos

Photo: QF-4B drone conversion Naval Aviation News October 1972 p.3

Photo: USN Reserve Phantom launching from USS Saratoga Naval Aviation News Jan-Feb 1974 p.27

Photo: early F4H derelict at Memphis NAS  Air Classics December 1980 p.54

Photo: QF-4S in VX-30 markings International Air Power Review Autumn/Fall 2002 p.14

“The Last Rhinos: Surviving Phantoms in US Service” International Air Power Review Spring 2004 p.88-89: several photos of VX-30 QF-4S+ drones in manned configuration

Gerry Manning 1000 Preserved Aircraft in Colour p.17 photos F-4B BuNo 151497/NATF at Pima, F-4S 153868

Chris Bishop, editor The Encyclopedia of 20th Century Air Warfare p.377: color 3-view of VF-96 F-4J Showtime 100

Bert Kinzey F-4 Phantom II in detail & scale Part 3 Includes 1/72 F-4B/N and F-4J/S drawings.

Scale Models

“Black Bunny” Scale Modeler March 1982. Monogram 1/48 scale kit of the VX-4 aircraft.

“Workbench Review: Hasegawa 1/72 scale F-4J Phantom II” FineScale Modeler January 1991 p.10b, 10c.

“Phinagling a Phantom” FineScale Modeler July 2005 p.20-25. Backdating the 1/48 scale Hasegawa F-4J to an F-4B.

“Kit Classics: Revell McDonnell F-4B Phantom II in 1/72 scale” FineScale Modeler February 2007 p.45

Chris Hall “F-4S Phantom II Black Bunny” Scale Aviation Modeller International July 2008 Review of the 1/72 Fujimi kit

Spencer Pollard “Phabolous Phantom” Model Airplane International July 2013 Building the 1/48 Academy F-4B kit as a VF-84 aircraft from the USS Independence.

Nick Williamson “Spook from Saratoga” Model Aircraft November 2016   The Academy 1/48 F-4B as a VF-103 aircraft.

F-4F Phantom II at Pittsburgh

F-4C References

F-4G Wild Weasel