Review: B-24 Combat Missions: First-Hand Accounts of Liberator Operations over Nazi Europe

A large-format book providing a detailed look at what it was like to fly Liberators in combat over the Reich and occupied Europe. Aside from numerous large color photos showing the interiors of warbird B-24s, there are many illustrations of preserved “little things” as well – route forecast sheets, aircrew ration boxes, flak vests, oxygen masks, and more.

The true heart of the book, however, are the crew recollections. All wars are hard, and that of the B-24 crews was no exception. Living in often spartan conditions, at least early on, far from home, and then having to go to war on a daily basis, braving flak and fighters while withstanding temperatures in unpressurized aircraft that were often far below zero, it was far from glamorous.

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