Luftwaffe Secret Project Profiles: A Review

The Luftwaffe 46 genre is a perennial source of interest to modelers and aviation historians – although the Germans would end up operating only a few of the advanced aircraft conceived of during the war, those many unbuilt designs provide a fascinating “what if” material.

This handsome, large-format work – more a book than a magazine in my view, is superbly illustrated by over 200 color profiles based on original drawings. There is a tremendous amount of modeling fodder here!


Me 262 versions, including the beautifully streamlined HG III.

Arado Ar 234: Includes a side view of a high-altitude rocket-powered variant, and a large 3-view of the crescent-wing version.

Advanced rocket fighters, including the Heinkel Julia, Lippisch P01, Me 163C (in RAF markings, representing a captured aircraft) and the Ju 248/Me 263
Interim night fighters – including the Ar 234P-5, a stretched 3-seat Me 262, and the Dornier P254, a Do 335 development with a jet in place of the rear piston engine.

Jet bombers – the Arado E395 Strahlbomber, derived from the company’s Ar 234 experience, and a Focke-Wulf heavy bomber that in some respects resembles a giant, swept-wing He 162.

In summation, this is a very attractively produced volume with a great deal of high quality illustrations that will make a Luftwaffe or “what if” modeler very happy. Well recommended!


Book Review: German Aircraft in the Soviet Union and Russia