B-36 Peacemaker in action by Meyers K. Jacobsen & Ray Wagner- a book review

Convair’s huge B-36 started out as a design for a very heavy bomber that could reach Nazi-occupied Europe from the continental United States and return without refueling, or conduct very long-range missions over the Pacific without the need for forward bases. A mockup was built some months before Pearl Harbor, but it would be well into the postwar era before operational Peacemakers would arrive, and by that time the B-36 would serve as a deterrent against a new adversary.


1942 artist’s conception & mockup with twin tails

Five XB-36 shots, including damage to main gear

B-36A/B: 15 shots, including good close-ups of the nose, tail, and dorsal turrets

B-36C (never-built tractor-prop variant) model & mockup of wing

B-36D, RB-36D & RB-36E: 20 images; scrap diagrams of jet pod, early and later bomb bay door configurations, B-36B & B-36D canopy development, RB-36 radomes

B-36D 3-view, 4 interior shots of RB-36D crew positions

B-36F, B-36H, RB-36H, B-36J 7 images; scrap drawings include tail radomes, B-36H nose, B-36J (III) Featherweight conversion

B-36 wings, 1955 17 images, including RB-36H crash at Denver and hulks at Davis-Monthan

XC-99 transport version 4 images

YB-60 – originally the YB-36G, the swept-wing jet-powered outgrowth of the Peacemaker created as a competitor to Boeing’s B-52. 4 images (including the never-flown second aircraft)

FICON & Tom-Tom GRB-36F with F-84E and B-29 chase plane with black undersides; 3 shots of an YRF-84F hookup B-36 Tom-Tom with single F-84, ground shot of GRB-36D/RF-84K mating

NB-36H “Convair Crusader” nuclear reactor testbed aircraft

Serial number list

Six color profiles: B-36B 7th BG(H) Carswell AFB, B-36D 326th BS(H) Loring AFB, B-36D 42nd BW (H), RB-36E 72nd BS (H) “Circle-X” tail

B-36 Peacemaker photo

B-36J on display at the National Museum of the US Air Force